Landscape photography

blank landscape

Blank Landscapes

blank_landscape blank_lanscape_#1 blank_landscape_#3

Landscape photography
  1. Love these wide rural panoramics – full of interest despite the title – perhaps it should have been called “Empty Landscapes”

    BTW: I think there may be a problem with this blog on Firefox. It continues to disappear to the previous post for no apparent reason, just when I’ve almost finished making a comment (it happened last week too!) Third time lucky??

    • Dave

      Thanks for the info,
      It’s because of the keyboard navigation. in post view the left and right arrows browse between posts,
      Meaning that when you’re typing and you use the left arrow key to go back and correct something, the site will jump to the previous post.
      I’ll have to see it i can find a workaround for it.

  2. Gorgeous panoramic, big-sky shots Dave–my goodness I particularly love the topmost minimalist gem.

  3. I really love these wide rural panoramic. Great composition minimalist.

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