Leica M3 1958

A couple of months ago I decided to switch from Digital to Analog Photography.

My choice of Camera came more from the heart rather than from the brain, instead of choosing the best camera on the market, I decided to go for most beautiful one, A Leica M3 Double Stroke from 1958. (I’ve always loved the minimalist design of Leica rangefinders), And it is at least considered by many to be the best camera of all the time.

The next step I needed a lens. Leica lenses are so expensive! I need something suited to my wallet rather than my heart, after the financial dent left from purchasing the M3. So it had to be relatively cheap, after a little research online, I decided a M mount t Adapter which allows you to attach LTM / M39 lenses was the way to go. That purchased and a little more online research resulted in me buying a Canon f/1.8 & Jupiter 8 f/2 both 50mm focal length.

Film choice was also cheap and cheerful a roll of Agfa Vista plus 200, with that loaded, I set off my first analog adventure.

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