Broken Branch


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    Arnd 13/02/2012

    Fascinating mood of melancholy and loneliness, very touching!

  2. Reply
    fabrizio 13/02/2012

    stunning sadness

  3. Reply
    Christopher 13/02/2012

    Very emotional shot–superb work Dave

  4. Reply
    Klaudia J 14/02/2012

    great shot, looks wonderful in the mono tones …

  5. Reply
    george 15/02/2012

    Good work, atmospheric with a touch of symbolism.

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    jmeyersforeman 20/02/2012

    beautiful photo, simple quiet, and moody. so easy to sit and look at.

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    Andrey Samolinov 22/02/2012

    Beautiful composition and an expressive and emotional picture
    Great work

  8. Reply
    DaveDillon 23/02/2012

    really great shot, love the gritty feel and fog in the background. really creates an enviorment to view.

  9. Reply
    Kevin 10/03/2012

    Amazing landscape and atmosphere ! GREAT shot !

  10. Reply
    Tomasz Rdzak 18/06/2012

    Again cold, raw, perfect.

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