Chatting Trees


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    Dani 22/04/2012

    And they chatter the day away …

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    Leslie 22/04/2012

    What a pleasant way for two old friends to spend their day!

    Love the photo…perfect caption to start am imaginative narrative…

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    Andy 22/04/2012

    Excellent image my friend 🙂

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    PhotoTraces 23/04/2012

    Dave, love your photography; very creative and distinctive. I featured this photo as “Photo of the Day” on my photoblog.

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    fabrizio 24/04/2012

    as always en elegant and inspiring work

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    george 24/04/2012

    A nicely used touch of infra-red to add an air of surreality.

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    CrashRyan 09/05/2012

    a fantastic image! dreamy!

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    Christopher 12/05/2012

    Utterly enchanting

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