Fog swallows everything

fog swallows everythingFog swallows everything, sound, light, sight and maybe even thoughts.


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    Arnd 01/09/2012

    I like the muted light and the softness here. It really gives the scene a sense of mystery and moodiness.

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    CrashRyan 02/09/2012

    i love it! I’m always looking to capture these moments … never very successfully like this

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    Tolga 02/09/2012

    What great execution. Lovely.

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    Sofia - WinterStays 03/09/2012

    wow, looks like a scene taken out of a horror movie 😉

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    fabrizio 03/09/2012

    awesome misty atmosphere

  6. Reply
    george 03/09/2012

    An atmospheric portrayal of the season of mists….

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    yvanmarn 03/09/2012

    Perfect, simple, yet powerful shot!

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    David Kleinert 05/09/2012

    Almost spooky…but beautiful.

  9. Reply
    Wolfgang 07/09/2012

    Schöne Bildgestaltung und sehr stimmungsvoll.

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