Beauty in Black

Macro in black and white can be equally interesting as in colour.


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    MüllersSicht 12/04/2012

    Great shot. And absolut amazing in BW.

  2. Reply
    Christopher 14/04/2012

    I could look at this all day

  3. Reply
    Framed and Shot 14/04/2012

    unusual and gorgeous in black and white!!

  4. Reply
    george 16/04/2012

    A blooming great floral still life!

  5. Reply
    Olaf 19/04/2012

    Ein Bild das auch ohne Farbe mehr als überzeugt. Großartig in Szene gesetzt.

  6. Reply
    buntagphoto 20/04/2012

    Love the fine hairs.

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