Small blue

Little Blue

Little Blue


The Small Blue Butterfly is one of Europe’s smallest butterflies,

despite its common name it’s not particularly blue!

The male has some bluish suffusion at the base of its upperwings but is mostly dark brown like the female. The undersides are a silvery grey with small black dots. The male has a bluish tint at the base of its wings similar to the upperside.



  1. Reply
    Laurens Kuipers 17/05/2012

    nice macro. Great soft colors and tones!

  2. Reply
    fabrizio 18/05/2012

    simply awesome macro…, many compliments

  3. Reply
    george 19/05/2012

    Illustrates great ability to compose highly creative macro work…

  4. Reply
    Arnd 23/05/2012

    Superb minimalist image with a great softness in your color palette. Love it!

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