Alone In The Fog

Alone In The Fog

Alone In The Fog

Walking through the fields in heavy fog, Thinking to myself this is quite scary, or was it beautiful ?
These two things seem so close to each other in nature photography,


  1. Reply
    yvan 08/01/2012

    WOW, perfect shot! Love the atmosphere! Well done & congratulations!

  2. Reply
    Arnd 09/01/2012

    The eerie mood you’ve created here is truly mesmerizing!

  3. Reply
    Andrey Samolinov 10/01/2012

    Just amazing! Fantastic mood – bravo!

  4. Reply
    george 10/01/2012

    A beautiful shot to start off 2012, wonderfully effective in it’s simplicity. Hats off.

  5. Reply
    Christopher 15/01/2012

    There’s great beauty in the solitude here. Wonderful shot Dave.

  6. Reply
    Olaf 21/01/2012

    Simple und doch gut eingefangen. Das BW und der Nebel machen es so wundervoll mystisch. Die Vignetierung unterst├╝tzt dieses noch.

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