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Grape Hyacinth

grape hyacinth

grape hyacinth


The Daisy

Daisy April Rain

April Rain




Signs Of Spring

Pasque Flowers are a sure sign that Spring has finally arrived.

I went Pasque hunting and was happy to find some. Here are some of the best shots.


Pasque Flower

Pasque Flower


I really enjoy photographing butterflies. Not only because they are relatively easy to find. I also find butterflies to be one of the most delicate and attractive insects.


short tailed blue butterfly Kurzschwänzige Bläuling

Vertical Short Tailed Blue

common blue butterfly

Common Blue

Common Blue butterflies Mating

Common Blue Mating

The first two images are both of the Short Tailed Blue Butterfly. Which after a bit of research is apparently quite a rare find in the Würzburg region.
The following two are both of the more Common, Common Blue Butterfly.